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Paul Timpson

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Paul Timpson

Paul is a veteran of the VFX industry. He has worked in companies such as MPC, The Jim Henson Company, Framestore and Dreamworks on features such as Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix, Robocop, 47 Ronin, Shrek 4 and Megamind. Paul has worked in Animation andVFX on three continents and VFX Summit team is delighted to have him as a speaker this year not only to avail of his FX experience but his insight into the industry as whole.


The Houdini Workshop

Paul will be delving into the delights of destruction in Houdini.┬áHe will start with the basics of creating fractured chaos in bullet and how to tweak the sim, then he will dig deeper into such topics as effective glue networks and shattering techniques. Once the major sections of the toolbox are clear, he will then focus on more recent additions such as finite elements and when to use them. Throughout the workshop there will be invaluable tips and gotcha warnings. It’s going to be a blast!

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