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Jonathan Starck

The Foundry

Jonathan Starck

Jonathan Starck is Head of Research at The Foundry.

The Foundry’s Research Team specialises in image and video processing technologies for visual effects in high-end film production. The team develop cutting edge tools including NukeX and Ocula that extract meaningful data from images to accelerate artist workflows in correcting, modifying and rebuilding shots in post-production. The team also run long-term collaborative research projects with industry and academic partners to explore and develop new areas of technology for the film industry.

Jon has headed research for 3 years and worked as a technical lead at The Foundry for 7 years, developing tools since the introduction of NukeX 6.0, and managing the release of Ocula 3.0 and 4.0. Prior to The Foundry, Jon worked at The University of Surrey and has 7 years academic experience with over 40 publications in image and video analysis. The team at The Foundry is now developing new technologies focused on live-action film content, for film post-production, virtual reality, and real-time visualisation in virtual production.